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My best present | Anne Frank video diary | Episode 1 | Anne Frank House

What if Anne Frank had a camera instead of a diary?
SUBTITLES: Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

It’s 12 June 1942, Anne Frank’s birthday, and her present is a camera. It’s wartime, the Netherlands is occupied by the Germans, and Jews are allowed to do less and less. Then Anne’s sister Margot is called to appear before the Nazi occupiers.

Follow Anne Frank and discover her story.
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Want to read Anne Frank’s diary after seeing the series? Order your copy at and receive free postcards of the series.
With your purchase you support the Anne Frank House.

This video is based on and contains fragments from the written works of Anne Frank. In certain countries, copyrights, moral rights and/or other rights to these works of Anne Frank may be held by third parties. This video is not accessible in these countries. It is only accessible in countries in which the works of Anne Frank are part of the public domain.

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